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About Us


We are all about ICT.

Our mission over the next ten years is to use our wealth of experience to rapidly turn five major countries in Africa into ICT giants. Our strategy is to sensitize and promote ICT with particular emphasis on Software Development amongst African youths, by designing and delivering trainings to target different age groups between 10 to 60 years old. We have ICT boot-camps designed to rapidly empower interested groups and individuals with ICT skills needed to be gainfully employed anywhere in the world or become self employed entrepreneurs. Our summer 2017 ICT Boot-camp is targeted at pupils of secondary school age (10 to 17).

Summer Boot-Camp


Give your kids the leverage needed to stay ahead this summer

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Our Summer ICT Boot-camp has been carefully designed by our highly experienced expert to fill the gaps within school curriculum and simplifying the complexities of Software Development to the level of comprehension of the secondary school pupil.

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Dear Parents and Guardians we present to you a fantastic opportunity that will positively change the lives of your child/children forever. For the first time in Lagos, Nigeria we are organising a Tech-Whizz ICT summer boot camp where your child/children aged between 10 to 17 will engage in rapid but top quality training in ICT in one month, where they will have exciting experience that will help to shape their futures towards becoming top notch ICT professionals. Your child/children will partake in classroom tasks based on real world experience designed by The London School of Information Technology, where they will learn how to:

  • - Plan a Software Development Project
  • - Analyse Software requirements for a Software Solution
  • - Design Software Solution
  • - Build Software Solution
They will be encouraged to work in teams guided by experienced team champions and product owners.

Thank you!